Welcome to Canyon Côte d'Azur in French Riviera!


Canyon in French Riviera is one of the nicer place in the world.


Canyoning is walking down rivers with jumps, swimming, water slide and abseiling with a rope.


The jumps are not oligatory.


There are half day from 8 years old depends of the canyon in French Riviera.

There are full day from 12 years old.


We provide all the gear : wetsuit, socks, harnais, helmets, rope... you just need swimsuit and shoes.


The guide is speaking a good english.

Price is :

50 € per person for half day, group price 45 € per person (+6 persons).

- 65 € per person for full daygroup price 60 € per person (+6 persons).


Do not hesitate to contact us, phone number 00 33 6 03 41 20 26.



See you soon!!!

canyon de riolan Canyon French Riviera, Riolan.


We propose different canyons, half-day and full day.


Half day:


- Cramassouri, 45 minutes from Nice, a very nice river with many jumps, a big toboggan, a little abseil, not too hard, the approach is not long, see here.


- Gorges du loup, 50 minutes from Nice, many jumps, a little abseil, not too hard but too many people from middle july to end of august see here.


- Pierrefeu, one hour from Nice, very quite river with jumps and toboggan, a big abseiling but not vertical see here.


Full day:


- Riolan, one hour from Nice, it's a sporty river very esthetic in a amazing place, quit long with a lot of swim and abseiling, see here.


- Bollène, one hour from Nice, very fun river with a big toboggan, many jumps and abseiling, the approach is not long, see here.


- Cuebris, one hour from Nice, very quite river and esthetic with a big abseil of 25 metres, it's not too long, the approach is not long, see here.


- Barbaira, one hour from Nice, one of the nicer one, you start from a typical village, a lot of jumps, you have to walk 40 minutes at the beginning and after it's only pleasure see here.


- Imberguet, 50 minutes from Nice, only in spring when there is too many water in the other rivers, many jumps, narrow river, the approach is not long, see here.


From Sigale.


If you want to do canyoning, first you have to contact us by phone 00 33 6 03 41 20 26 or by mail info@canyon-cote-azur.com. We will answer at all your questions: which river to do corresponding to your level and where you are living, which gear you need and we will explain you the meeting point. We need your size and weight for the wetsuit. We will be happy to guide you in the canyon French Riviera.



A professional with a State Dilpoma guides you in the canyon (he is speaking a good english).

All the gear is provide: wetsuit, harnais, helmet, socks, rope, bags, gloves if the water is cold, waterproof box...

You just need swimsuit and shoes to walk in rocks.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be please to inform you.

You are in security with us !!




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Tél : 06 03 41 20 26


How to contact us


Phone : 00 33 6 03 41 20 26



La saison 2019 est ouverte!

Season 2019 is open!

Encadrement par des moniteurs d'escalade et de canyon dilpômés d'état.

The guides have a State Diploma of canyoning.


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